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MS Flats

Ms Flat Manufacturer in Chennai

Great for fabrication purpose, the mild steel flat is a superb construction material that combines versatility, strength, and is also easier to fabricate. Used extensively in construction purposes, the mild steel flats find application in a variety of ways. Subject to easy cut, the versatile and strong mild steel flats are essential components of construction and industrial build requirements.

As a leading and longstanding ms flat manufacturer in Chennai, companies standing in India, the MPT Private Limited (MPTPL Group) of Chennai is a popular destination for the customers of quality mild steel flats and also we are the largest ms flat bar manufacturers in Chennai. The mild steel flats maintained as stock here are diverse and priced attractively.

We are a favoured supplier of high quality mild steel flats and maintain comfortable level diversified stock. We have a large base of satisfied customers across Tamil Nadu. This is so because, we always put our best efforts to ensure that our customers get only the best quality products and as per their specific requirements.

Being a manufacturer, fabricator, dealer and ms flat suppliers in Chennai of various finished and raw metal and allied products necessary for the construction and engineering sectors, we are in an advantageous position to address the requirements of specific to special needs of our individual to enterprise level customers, for these products.

The MPTPL Group is manned by an experienced and qualified group of technical and service personnel to assist and help our esteemed customers. We quickly provide the necessary information needed and possible best solutions for selection of the right type of mild steel flats. Further, on our part, we always make it sure that our valued customers get the best and right type of mild steel flats at reasonable prices, which are best for the category in the market.

Round the year we stock adequate quantity and variety of regular to special grade mild steel flat products at our premises. Customers desirous of placing firm orders for mild steel flats or for getting techno-commercial information can contact us directly or via telephone for prompt response.

Ms Flat Manufacturer in Chennai

ms flat manufacturer in chennai

Ms Flat Manufacturer in Chennai

We are the leading ms flat manufacturer in Chennai. The cost effective, mild stainless steel flat bars are ubiquitous and can be found to be in use widely and extensively. These are basically made by recycling mild steel thereby saving the wastages of the ‘would have been junk metal’ and other related costs. These thin and flat bars, as a rule, contain low carbon footprints and appear as of serviceable strength–hence, increasing its particular and special utilities. The mild steel flat bar is a cut to size finished/raw material ready for construction or making of various other adjusted products.

Easily cut, drilled and welded, the mild steel flat bars are utilized to make building frames. It can be prefabricated or turned into readymade sections for use at the construction sites. The resized mild steel flat bars are very much suitable for cladding in required shapes and sizes. It can easily be joined with other compatible materials via bolting and riveting, with much ease.
Due to rapid pace of urbanization construction of mega projects have increased manifold in the developed and developing countries like India. With this trend, the use of mild steel flat bars have increased apace. There is a good demand for the quality mild steel flat bars in the national and international markets increasing substantially regularly.

MPT Private Limited (MPTPL Group) of Chennai, Tamil Nadu is an important manufacturing and business house, which stock and trade the mild steel flat bars in retail or as bulk sale in the state. Customers from near and far are our valued customers. Our customer base for the product is on the upswing as a sign of consumer satisfaction and confidence in us. As a matter of priority we ensure availability and supply of only the best products in this segment. MPTPL Group always try to provide the best and reasonably priced mild steel flat bars as per order and within the supply timeframe, suitable and convenient to our esteemed customers.