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MS Square And Rectangular Pipe

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Due to high tensile strength, the mild steel square and rectangular tubes are suitable for construction and fabrication purposes in the pharmaceutical, machine fabrication and construction sectors, and other industries. As an alternative to the concrete floats, these tubes can be trimmed conveniently as per the necessity related to drought and stability.

Good quality mild steel square and rectangular pipes are required to exhibit and contain uniform properties, and uniform hardness distribution and low residual stress. Extra tight corner radii with large flat connecting areas are the advantages of using these pipes. The hot rolled mild steel square and rectangular pipes always score high in terms of their structural integrity and strength.

The mild steel square and rectangular pipes of various shapes and sizes manufactured, fabricated and supplied by MPT Private Limited (MPTPL Group) of Chennai have best strength to weight ratio and uniform in properties or characteristic for  quality and reliability. Our products are made from industry specific or accepted grades of steel and dimensions that can cater to the specific demands and requirements of our customers.

We at the MPTPL Group always try to satisfy our customers by supplying them with only the best quality products in standardized varieties in different ranges to augment the general to specific needs for construction and installation. Most of our valued customers rely on us as we are a time tested manufacturing, fabrication and business house dealing with different types of metal products that are well accepted in the market.

Customers desirous of ordering for quality mild steel square and rectangular pipes can come to us directly or can contact us via telephone using the listed number of the company or through the company website for prompt response, concerning products or services.

Rectangular Pipe Manufacturers in Chennai

Rectangular Pipe Manufacturers in Chennai

rectangular pipe manufacturers in chennai

Rectangular tubes are often referred as the tubes that are formed from coils and then ran through a series of dies. These tubes are welded from esoteric part to form the rectangular shape. Rectangular tubes are commonly used for preservation and operational purposes. Some examples of application of rectangular pipes are building construction, railings, and truck frames. They are sedated by their exterior dimensions and their wall thickness.
Rectangular Tube is frequentlyobtainable in aluminum, stainless steel, hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel. In order to custom the rectangular pipe, the suitable mother tube, a round steel tube, has to be formed first. Round tube rolls are used that gradually press the round tube into a rectangular hollow section. This is all done inline such as a round tube with an outside diameter of 102.8 is presented into an 80×80 square tube.
Constructing on a long upended tradition of quality rectangular pipes, we manufacture steel hollow rectangular sections and supply to clients nationwide for a variety of applications including mechanical engineering for example engineering of booms, frames and other vehicle apparatuses. Especially for applications where high power combined with excellent usability is needed, with high rotating rigidity and comprehensive strength, these rectangular sections are comparably more proficient or resourceful than conventional steel sections. ¬¬the excellent distribution of material around the axis of rectangular pipe allows for significant strength qualities and thus offersconclusive advantages in its applications. The smooth and uniform profile of the section diminishes corrosion and enables easy, onsite fabrication to significantly enrich the aesthetics of structures. Madhav pipes and tubes Pvt. Ltd. produces rectangular pipes in a various sizes, grades, and specifications as per various national and international specifications. Madhav pipes and tubes Pvt. Ltd. has been constantly executing need based arousing orders for MS pipes to meet the requirement of the clients. We are the best in business and top the chart in this segment as compared to any other rectangular pipe manufacturers in Chennai. If you are also in search of rectangular pipe dealers in Chennai then pay a visit to Madhav pipes and tubes Pvt. Ltd. for attractive deals.