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gi pipe in chennai
Pipes play a substantial part in the segment of construction. Pipes are the most essential medium of transporting gas, oil, water etc. to the desired location. Impending to GI pipe, GI stands for Galvanized iron pipes. The procedure of applying a coating of zinc to the steel or iron, to prevent corroding is referred as Galvanization. Hot dip galvanizing is the most common method in which the parts are submerged in a bath of molten zinc.
GI (galvanized iron) pipes are the important of class of pipes used in a range of application as well as trades. Pure iron is very yielding and contains no carbon. The coating of metal zinc lasts long and helps to upsurge the lifespan of iron or steel. GI pipes are used in utmost of the basic structural applications and come with a layer of zinc to give full protection from eroding. GI pipes come in various sizes and shapes according to the specific necessity of the clients.
GI pipes deliver us with numerous features some of the important features are listed below:-
• Higher permanency as well as stability.
• Stress-free welding and demanding fabrication.
• Anti-rust coating and terrific finishing.
• Higher confrontation to corrosion.
• Super ability to bend and comfort of stringing.
• Tranquil to cut.
• Obey to the international quality standards.
GI pipes are applied in wide areas, the various application extents GI pipes are main water supply, waste water conveying, firefighting equipment, sewerage, water and gas line, Chemical transportation, air duct, compressed air line etc.
Madhav pipes and tubes Pvt. Ltd. as the leading GI pipe manufacturer earned the top position in this zone among all the GI pipe fitting dealers in Chennai. Our GI pipes are used in various engineering purposes. We deliver GI pipes in various qualities, thickness, and diameters of the finished pipes. If you are in a search of GI pipe fitting dealers in Chennai, then immediately pay a visit to Madhav pipes and tubes Pvt. Ltd. to grab the best deal.

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