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construction bar dealers in chennai


The construction rods or bars are being manufactured at the MPTPL Group at their modern and high end factory are made to the specifications of the TMT bar industry and have found favor by the market and customers in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere in India. Considered to be one of the main manufacturers of the highly demanded rods, MPTPL has emerged as a leading construction bar manufacturer in Chennai. We have diversified construction bar portfolio that meet all the requirements of the customers of defense, government, business enterprise and private sectors.

Manufactured locally, our construction bars are popular among the customer for being cheaper and robust.
The MPTPL Group is also a construction bar dealer in Chennai, being an active channel partner of a number of reputed construction bar manufactures in India. Round the year, our customers can find all the varieties of construction bars at our warehouse facilities without bothering for inadequate or interrupted supply. When necessary we work with our bulk customers for construction rods to procure/manufacture the required quantities of the products in time and to arrange phased supply.

Customers in search of a reliable and trustworthy construction bar dealer in Chennai or construction bar manufacturer in Chennai can contact us to discuss about their requirements of the construction bars. Our trained staffs are ready to assist to finalize your order by offering competitive prices for the products and suitable supply or delivery schedule. When necessary, we also suggest suitable transportations for quick, faster, safe and convenient delivery of the ordered construction bar products.