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Construction Rod Dealers in Chennai

The MPTPL Group is a reputed construction rod dealers in Chennai, serving a large number of satisfied customers across the state of Tamil Nadu and beyond.

Due to rapid construction needs of massive infrastructure in our country, the demand for quality construction rods or bars have gone up substantially.  The construction rods or bars are a vital component of the strong and durable structures of the civil construction and any shortfall in the availability of the product is going to adversely affect the pace of progress in existing and new construction works. In order to meet the ever increasing demand of construction rods or bars, a number of companies in India have geared up their production capacities to meet the ever increasing demands.

As a popular construction rod dealer in Chennai, we maintain enough and diversified stock of construction rods at our warehouses, to meet any or all existing demands for the product. As and when there is a bulk supply order, we procure or manufacture the required construction rods and supply as per the instructions of our clients.

 construction rod dealers in chennai