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Gi Pipe Supplier in Chennai

Gi Pipe Supplier in Chennai

gi pipe in chennai

Mptpl group is a leading specialized gi Pipe supplier in Chennai. Provides top quality gi pipe and always support our customers with affordable price.

Galvanized iron pipes or the GI pipes are the pipes that are generally used for the dissemination of canned or raw water in rural or urban areas. The GI pipes are cheaper, light weight, and easy to handle. The application of a layer of protective zinc coating to steel make it eligible for preventing from rusting. In the world of vigorous competition every producers are in the way of making money but Madhav pipes and steel Pvt. Ltd. is such a customer oriented company who believes in the customer satisfaction by providing the best quality of GI pipes hence we are the most leading GI pipe supplier in Chennai.

Galvanized iron pipes are synthesized using mild steel strips of low carbon steel coils. To give them a circular shape the strips are passed through a series of fin rolls to give them a circular shape. The slot ends of the shreds are then welded together by continuously passing high frequency electric current through the edges. Galvanized Pipes or Iron was the hoariest piping material in the plumbing diligence for the transportation of water and wastewater. Galvanized Pipes can be called as brilliance in quality. Galvanized Steel Pipesare used for suburban usage, Water and Drainage applications. It is coated with zinc to diminish corrosion.Galvanized iron pipes have numerous applications such as main water supply, waste water conveying, firefighting equipment, sewage, water and gas line, chemical transportation, air duct, compressed air line etc. Madhav pipes and tube Pvt. Ltd. industries was established by an ambitious and hardworking entrepreneur with a vision in eyes to serve the clients more effectively and provide after sales services. We set ourselves with a good niche in this province by offering superior and highly qualified GI pipes. If you are in the search of best GI pipe suppliers in Chennai then visit The Madhav pipes and tubes Pvt. Ltd for the latest design.