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MS Square Bar


Mild steel square bars are robust and used for building bridges, ships, forging equipment’s, engineering components, pressure vessels, steel structures, machine parts, industrial grade tools, grill fencing, etc. Long lasting and strong, these ms square bars are in much demand due to exponential increase in construction activities in India involving huge quantities of durable and strong linear metal bars like the mild steel square bars.

We are a growing ms square bar manufacturer in Chennai. The mild steel square bars are convenient to use, as they come in various sizes, weights and shapes. It can be transported to the near or far off construction sites for reshaping, chiseling, forging and installation, as per the project requirements. These mild steel square bars are important for the large scale civil construction and engineering projects, variously.

The mild steel square bars come in various lengths, weights, dimensions, thicknesses and grades. As per the requirements of the customers, these bars are supplied.

Being a hub of transaction in mild steel square bars for long, the MPT Private Limited (MPTPL Group) is much favoured by its esteemed customers, not only in Chennai, but also in the entire state of Tamil Nadu.

We invariably find the customers satisfied with our business dealings, because of our pro-customer approach, where we always try to ensure the availability of only quality and best mild steel square bars in desired quantities additionally offering prices, unmatched in the market.

Most of our esteemed customers agree with our contentions and we are sure enough that you too would feel the same after doing a beneficial transaction with us.

Whatever may be your need for mild steel square bars, we at MPT Private Limited (MPTPL Group), Chennai are confident that we will deliver the goods required by you in time and make you satisfied.