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Steel Pipe

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Madhav Pipes & Tubes is The Top Steel Pipe Manufacturers in Chennai

The versatile long and hollow steel pipes are used widely and is considered as a product of demand for the steel industry, running into millions of tons, annually.

The steel pipes are of two types- seamless and single welded seam along its length. The seamless steel pipes are usually light weight having thinner walls, better consistency and typically straighter, if compared with the single welded steel pipes. The characteristics of the steel pipes are dependent upon the quality/type of raw steel used to make it. Further, other conditions like the length, coating materials used and the end finishing process can variously determine the quality of the ready to use steel pipe products sent to the market; eventually finding their way to the actual consumers for end  for varieties of construction purposes.

In order to ensure quality, consistency, flawlessness in the steel pipe products the manufacturers employ well established, scientific and product specific methods and techniques to rule out defects or malformation. For example, X-ray gauges are deployed to evenly regulate the pre-determined thickness of the steel pipes.  Additionally, these steel pipes are also tested for any existing defects by filling them with water and increasing the inside pressure to detect the defects contained therein. Visual inspection by the quality control personnel, rule out any other observable anomalies that might still be there in the manufactured steel tubes; before it is dispatched out of the factory.

The strong and corrosion resistant steel pipe Manufacturers in Chennai are used in safe underground supply of liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) and water for mass consumption in small to large habitats. Bothe types of steel pipes, seamless and regular, are extensively used in the automobile, refrigeration, heating regulation systems, electrical conduit and plumbing, bicycle manufacturing, etc. The demand of the steel pipes is skyrocketing and the available range of products has become diverse in terms of quality and type.

The Chennai headquartered quality steel pipes manufacturing company, the MPT Private Limited (MPTPL Group) is a leading Steel Pipe Manufacturers in Chennai with concern engaged in production of high-end quality steel pipes. With stock an impressive array of finished products such as MS pipes, GI pipes, square and rectangular hollow steel sections, seamless alloy steel, and regular steel tubes, lancing tubes, scaffolding pipes, etc. required for various construction and fabrication needs at our facilities. The products offered by MPTPL Group are well accepted in the market. Our modern manufacturing plant is most advanced and follows meticulous production processes, conforming to national and international standards to manufacture the steel pipes.