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Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate Sheets In Chennai

Moldable, shatter proof, light weight and durable, the polycarbonate sheets are one of the best plastic materials available. Polycarbonate sheets have various residential, construction and business uses. And we are the largest provider of polycarbonate sheets in Chennai.

The flame proof and energy efficient polycarbonate plastic is a high value material that goes into part and partial making of specific windows, some medical equipments, face shields, eyeglasses, many auto parts, etc.

The transparent thermoplastic and high quality flat polycarbonate sheets are also used as a roofing material, capable of resisting high and low temperature, equally. Six times lighter than glass, the flat polycarbonate roofing sheets are stain resistant, non-toxic, stable and durable, additionally offering glaze, tint and colour solutions.

MPT Private limited (MPTPL GROUP) is a Chennai based business house that specializes in the dispensing of high quality tinted or clear to maximum light transmission type of flat polycarbonate roofing sheets. Other shades of colours available are opal, bronze and grey for this category of roofing product.

We handle all the orders placed by our customers with great care to ensure a smooth and beneficial experience for our flat polycarbonate roofing sheets patrons. We stock varieties of popular to exotic flat carbonate roofing sheets in adequate quantities to meet the growing demands of our customers. We have also  a large base of satisfied customers, spread over Tamil Nadu for this group of products.