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Steel is Strong

The word Steel is synonymous with both the term strength and durability. As a raw material, it has extremely high tensile strength and an excellent strength-to-weight ratio meaning that it will never twist, bend or buckle, no matter how much pressure it is under.

This metal is also non-combustible, unlike wood. It does not rot like wood does. Many steels are quite impermeable to weathering and bugs and pests such as termites have no craving for it. It’s as reliable as you can get when it comes to building materials and requires very minimal maintenance and care. You can always count on steel for strength.

Steel is Sustainable

The widespread felling of trees is one of the biggest contributors to global warming and the subsequent destruction of our natural environment. Using wood in construction is highly unsustainable, whereas steel offers a much more responsible solution.

Steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world and can be melted down, re-shaped and re-used an infinite time without losing its structural integrity. Clearly it is the most sustainable option.

Steel is Affordable

When you consider the durability and sustainability of steel, it is an extremely affordable option. Raw steel is relatively inexpensive, and manufacture and steel fabrication has become less and less labor intensive in recent years thanks to advances in the tools and technology that steel fabricators employ. Both of these factors help reduce building costs. Steel also lasts forever, and maintenance isn’t an issue, so it will never cost you a thing again – it can even save you money on insurance costs.