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Metal Roofing Sheets

Metal Sheet Roofing in Chennai

Most of the distinct metal roof sheets are made from the base metal copper, aluminum, zinc, steel and  tin suitable for a varieties of uses and climatic conditions for homes, shades, stores and other types of permanent  to semi-permanent and temporary structures. Metal roof sheets are also needed for decorative purposes, too, for roof top spaces.

Depending on the specific metal properties and attributes, particular types of metal sheets are chosen. For example, while the copper roofing sheets are soft and long lasting, the aluminum metal roofing sheets are preferred when there is a possibility of salt water corrosion, as in the areas adjacent to the sea shoreline. Further, the zinc metal roofing sheets are known to be corrosion resistant in general and steel roofing sheets are taken in to application when durability and stability are of the major factors of roofing consideration. Used long years back, the tin metal roofing sheets are no more in use in India or other parts of the world.

The MPT Private Limited (MPTPL Group) is a major dealer/distributor/channel partner and stockist of high quality and decorative metal roof sheet products of Indian companies, who are the acknowledged leaders in the Indian markets and overseas.

Made to conform to the industry standards in this category, all the metal roof sheets available with us at the MPTPL Group are of superior quality and made to last longer. We also make it sure that our valued customers of metal roof sheets get the best price advantage by placing their orders with us.

We maintain a comfortable stock position of all the verities of metal roofing sheets so that our customers are able to get what they want and in desired quantities. All most all of our customers of metal roof sheets find us a business house with a beneficial pro-customer policy. Our esteemed customers trust us, as we always supply defect free original metal roof sheet products required by them procured form the leading companies of India.

 Color Coated Roofing Sheets Chennai

  • Multiple layers of protection ensures very high service Life(almost four times than normal GI
  • sheets in similar conditions)
  • Colourful top coating ensures very high aesthetic appeal
  • Optional Guard Film ensures protection during handling/ forming.
  • Service back coat in greys for better light dispersion and for soothing effect on eyes.
  • Best balance between coverage and strength(1000mm covered width, highest Ixx in the category)
  • High ribbed profile for better support on longer spans
  • High trapezoidal crest for adequate drainage and aesthetic appeal
  • Hexagonal trapezoid for best load distribution
  • Anti capillary groove to ensure zero leakage as a result of capillary action
  • Scientific design for usage in high wind load areas also
  • Suitable for Roofing/ Cladding/ Barricading and other applications